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Perinchery Narayan, M.D. | Chief Medical Officer and CEO


​Dr. Narayan is a pioneer in the field of prostate cancer trained at University of Minnesota, Harvard Medical School, University of California, Chairman of Urology at the University of Florida, Pioneered Cryosurgery for prostate cancer.

  • Built a mobile national Cryosurgery  company, sold to Endocare for several million dollars, subsequently acquired by Healthtronics. 

  • Over $1 million NIH funded research-MRI in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

  • Has patent on MRI Endorectal Probe

  • National Award AUA - Nerve Innervation of Prostate and Sphincter

  • Patent- Artificial Intelligence Nomograms in Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

  • Published first paper on “Male Lumpectomy- Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer” now commonly used worldwide

  • Over 25 years of academic work at universities -  Recognition at Academic centers, personal friendship with several hundred urologists in the US

  • Has published 150 peer reviewed papers, mostly on prostate cancer

  • Principal investigator for Landmark Studies on Flomax - First FDA approved medication for prostate enlargement

HIFU Solutions LLC //

John Frye | COO

​Has 30+  years experience  in building, marketing  and managing self-pay prostate cancer HIFU services, imaging services,  in off shore models in Cancun, Mexico, UK and USA.

  • Provides ‘day to day hands on management’, expertise in  proactive problem solving, develops corporate strategy, maintains clear lines of communication, supervises financial reporting,  manages suppliers, vendors, and financial institutions

  • Administers Google ads, triages patient calls, works with legal and accounting team for audits and fundraising,

  • Arranges legal protection, insurance protection and compliance with Federal Laws.

  • Lead officer for HIFU Solution in contacts with investors, industry, and others.

Gerry Schuster | Vice President of Sales


  • Has over 35 years of medical sales experience in field sales, middle and upper management positions with Fortune 100 companies i.e., E.R. Squibb & Sons, GE Medical, McDonald Douglas Health, & Professional Medical Systems.

  • He has had ownership in medical companies, managed corporate and independent sales forces. Has extensive knowledge of working with physicians in sales and marketing.

  • Primarily responsible along with regional Sales force for all HIFU Solution markets

  • Has an intricate knowledge of prostate cancer and  HIFU business model.

  • Is initial client contact for patients. He manages  billing and collection process.

  • Has travelled to over 26 states in 12 months. Validates the surgery center, anesthesiologist. Also mentors and motivates the new sales force.

Herman Fernandez | Chief Technology Officer and Engineer

  • has been involved in over 500 cases of HIFU in offshore centers, Canada,UK and  USA.  

  • Responsible for training most of the top 100 urologists in the USA  performing HIFU currently.   

  • Has managerial and technical background combined experience in  building and managing large Healthcare ventures in complex multi-vendor environments.

  • Highly organized,  exceptional ability to  prioritize and manage  effectively and in a timely manner

  • Has worked as clinical applications specialist and service engineer from EDAP TMS from 2006-2010 and involved in IDE work  for FDA Approval of HIFU for EDAP. Trained in France and Germany

  • He is critical for planned upgrade to Focal 1 Technology expected to be approved soon.

  • Focal 1  will treat larger prostates with more focus on only cancerous areas, reducing side effects and procedure times.

  • Herman has worked with Sonablate system, one of the few technologists with knowledge of both systems.  Allows HIFU Solution to make critical choices regarding which systems to use nationally for sustained safety and efficacy.

  • He is  responsible for overseeing setting  the extensive data base required for collection of HIFU data at multiple centers.  He currently serves as a client leader for HIFU Solutions with various urologists with whom he has worked in the past.

Alex Sexton | Executive Director 


Over 40 years experience in Sales and Marketing and over 20 years in mobile prostate cancer  imaging and treatment services. Has built medical and imaging ventures and HIFU treatment centers in Canada, Bahamas and other offshore locations. Co Founder of  company. Efficient in independently identifying various internal and external issues affecting the HIFU Solution. Instrumental in recruitment of several current employees.

Lori Buckley, RN | Chief Nursing Officer

Over 15 years of experience with over 300 men treated with HIFU in several offshore locations. Has excellent nursing skills, has been involved with all aspects of HIFU Services from preop counselling to immediate and ongoing post op care. Also serves as travelling nurse assistant for VIP patients treated by HIFU Solution. Triages patients, calls in prescriptions, arranges MRI and other tests nationwide. Maintains quality of care by researching high quality MRI centers in each state for state of the art care for HIFU Solution.