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Most patients with prostate cancer do not have symptoms in the early stage of disease. Even with the cancers are high grade and stage, many patients assume that because they do not have symptoms, their cancer is not severe, but it may be.

Urinary Symptoms due to Prostate Cancer:

Because the prostate wraps around the urethral tube that carries urine from the bladder, prostate cancer may cause urinary symptoms in some patients. Most of the time the patients also have enlarged prostate, which squeezes the urethral tube. The urinary symptoms related to enlarged prostate and prostate cancer are very similar and include

- difficulty urinating

- intermittent stream (stop and go


while urinating)

- slow stream, decreased flow

- frequent urination during the day and

at night (nocturia)

- urinary leakage (incontinence)

- blood in the urine

- burning (dysuria) 

- urinary tract infection

- incomplete emptying 


Some Symptoms may be specific to prostate

cancer and

occur in advanced and metastatic disease.

This includes

-pain in the pelvic region (this may also occur with a condition

called prostatitis, which is benign)

- numbness and tingling of the lower extremeties

- kidney failure, manifests as fatigue, decreased volume of urine

- painful ejaculation 

- blood in the semen

- bone pain

- weight loss


Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer